Foodies Unite

Edible Wedding Favors

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Ok, so I admit, I am a bit obsessed with food.  I love it, and really share the sentiment that everybody loves food, am I right?  So to follow my previous post in regards to favors, I came upon a great little tid bit on Etsy today.  As with food (of which I obsess), you will also hear me talk about Etsy waaayyy tooo much.  What can I say?  It is a vintage wedding designer's dream come true and an amazing resource for bride's everywhere.

The Diverse Delectables of Etsy features an array of fabulous homemade confections crafted with love and affection. All wonderful options for gifts, favors, and dessert offerings at your wedding table.

This is where I will be doing the bulk of my Christmas shopping as well. I heart Etsy!

xoxo - Jane