Makena Wedding at the Sugarman Estate Maui

Kate and Andrew - Maui Wedding

Houston (in true Texas form), is known for their BIG weddings.  However, the LA based /Houston native bride-to-be, Kate, and her fiancé Andrew, sought the solace of a more peaceful and intimate soiree on the island of Maui.  The relaxed and laid back couple chose Andrew's birthday for the celebration, and the Sugarman Estate as their venue, utilizing the vast ocean-front lawn for this incredible event.  And a very happy birthday it was!  The 100 guest event was situated at the ocean's edge, as sea turtles popped their heads out the ocean, and the waves of the Pacific splashed nearby.  Oh how amazing!  With the help of Kate's mother, Mary, the planning was a blast!  With Mary's refined Texas taste, and Kate's adventurous spirit, we blended the styles to create an updated, modern, elegant, yet dramatic event.  Aside from the stunningly gorgeous bride, the dramatic centerpiece of this wedding was the strands of orchids dripping from the ceiling.  We were inspired by the canopy of falling flowers in the movie, Twilight, and wanted to incorporate that idea and interpret into Kate's style.  Underneath the Raj tents, situated between the crystal chandeliers, the hanging arrangement floated above the gorgeous tables below.  The opulent flowers were artfully crafted by the o-so-talented, Bella Bloom Floral Boutique, and filled the centers of long tables, draped in champagne silks, and flanked by gold accents.  This truly was an amazing event for an incredible couple!

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