Maui Wedding Hair and Makeup Tips

We all know that weather can wreak havoc on our hair and makeup; from smudged foundation to turning wavy locks into full-on frizz. That’s why when it comes to a destination wedding, it’s more important than ever to not only choose a look that suits the Maui vibe, but one that can also withstand a day in the sun.

To ensure you remain as stunning as your island surroundings, we’ve put together a list of our favorite tips and advice to help you perfect the Maui wedding hair and makeup look. Achieving the Maui Wedding Hair and Makeup Look

Hair: The Maui bridal look is all about those gorgeous beach waves! Consider loose curls gathered into a low swept up-do to achieve a soft style that remains pinned into place. This will create a romantic natural elegance that’s guaranteed to endure a night in humidity. If your hair holds curls well, simply wearing it down tasseled in light curls is a timeless classic on the island of Maui.

Fresh flowers are also a stunning addition to any hairstyle masterpiece. Speak to your florist to tack on additional flower buds in your chosen wedding bouquet delivery. Your hairdresser can gently push pins into the flower bases and create the perfect accessory to complete your overall look.

Photography:  Tamiz Photography

Photography: Tamiz Photography

Makeup: While it’s true makeup should have enough color to compensate for the whiteness of the dress, a more subtle and natural look pairs best with a Maui wedding. For some, this could mean a no-makeup makeup look and for others it just means choosing colors that compliment your skin tone. Keep the makeup similar to what you’d wear on a day-to- day basis, just taken up a notch. Here are some helpful tips to achieve this look:

Lashes: For natural, but lengthened lashes, choose a mascara that lifts and separates each lash.

Skin: Perfect the base by minimizing the appearance of pores and fine lines using a face primer to create a smoothing effect on the skin.

Brows: You’ll want your brows to mimic an enhanced version of your current set. Use a pencil to easily fill in and shape them down to the last stroke.

Cheeks/Lips: Color to your cheeks and lips give you that extra “glow”. For your cheeks, choose a color closest to the shade you naturally flush. Lips are your chance to experiment a little; whether you choose a nude everyday shade or a vibrant hue, you really can’t go wrong.

Photography:  Tamiz Photography

Photography: Tamiz Photography

Tips to Keep in Mind:

1. Book in salon for a conditioning cut and blow dry the week before you fly. This will help reduce frizz by focusing on tidying up dry and wispy ends.

2. Purchase moisture-based shampoos and conditioners; these are essential to combat the heat!

3. Exfoliate face and lips a few days leading up to the wedding to make skin smooth for foundation and extend the longevity of your lip color.

4. Drink lots of water before your wedding so that you minimize dehydration and excessive water loss from the skin.

5. Don’t fight your natural hair type/texture. If your hair is super fine and straight, the beachy wave may not work for you. Play around with similar styles leading up to your wedding to find what works best for you.

6. Consider using a hot spray on hair before using a flat or curling iron. This will protect your hair from the heat and give it a little extra strength to hold up in certain elements.

7. Opt for a matte blush and bronzer for a more natural look.

8. Use a translucent powder to help avoid shine.