Here are some random questions given by our dear friend and writer, Jamie Pierce:
Q: How did you both come up with the concept of Belle:

Jane: The idea of Belle Destination Weddings & Events was born over many many conversations over elaborate meals and glasses of wine. We were both working for wedding planning companies, and we wanted to offer a planning firm that offered more. It’s hard to define, but we wanted our clients to feel as if they were involved in the planning process, and given choices as to which vendors to work with. Of course we also wanted to make is easy for them as well.

Lena: Yes, there are a ton of companies in Maui that are wonderful, and provide a great package deal, and it makes the wedding planning simple, but it also lacks the customization that many of our brides want to have. We found that there was a huge need for our clients to express themselves creatively through their events, and they do not always know how to do that planning from afar. We wanted to make it simple for them to incorporate personal elements into their weddings, and that is what we do.

Q: Why do you do what you do?

Jane: For me, I am pretty much an obsessive organizer. I LOVE organizing details. I also love the beginning process of planning with a client, when I get to know them and they begin telling me what they envision – I literally begin to paint a picture in my mind of their wedding, and it is always my personal challenge to make those ideas come to life. It is always amazing to see that final end result. And every time a guest says, “this is the best wedding I have ever been to,” now THAT is always a great feeling!

Lena: I love love love my clients. I think that the best thing about doing what we do is getting to know such amazing people. This is such a beautiful time in the lives of our clients, and it is amazing to share in that. It can also be so incredibly stressful, so I take pride in the fact that we can make the wedding planning process easier for them, so that they can concentrate on what is really important, each other. I also love all of the gorgeous wedding details. The linens, the flowers, the ambiance! It is so incredible to create these amazing experiences!

Q: If you had to give your brides and grooms once piece of advice, what would it be?

Jane: Hmmm… that is tough, because I have a TON of advice to give, but if I had to choose one thing to say it would be to never lose sight of the reason why you have planned this entire wedding event in the first place. The details are there for us to take care of, so concentrate on each other, and the commitment that you are about to make to each other. Really absorb the day and enjoy the love that you feel from not only your life partner, but all of the friends and family that surround you as well. Marriage really is a beautiful moment, and that is why we plan so far in advance, so that you can enjoy this amazing moment and remember it for a lifetime.

Lena: I think that Jane got it right, that’s exactly what I would say as well. Many brides can get caught up in the details, but that is what the pre-planning is for, so leave the details to us to worry about and enjoy the day!

Q: When you attend (not plan) a wedding, what is your pet-peeve:

Jane: I would say a bad DJ. I think that DJ can be super fun, but I attended a wedding once where the DJ was singing the lyrics into the microphone… like it was karaoke! I mean, c’mon! You hire a DJ so you can enjoy your favorite music, and no one wants to hear some guy with a not-so-great singing voice belting it out in the middle of your favorite dance song. Although, I do have to say, those memories are always hilarious.

Lena: For me it’s bad food. I have a saying, guests may remember the food if it is good, but they will always remember if the food is bad… and they will tell their friends. Jane and I are big foodies, so I know she agrees.

Jane: So true!

Q: Always remember to…?

Jane: Eat on the wedding day! Hawaii is pretty warm, and I have seen a few brides get light headed at the altar because they wanted to look good in their dress – a light lunch is not going to hurt anyone.

Lena: Send your honey a gift or card on the wedding day. That can be a really wonderful way to begin the day while you are getting ready, and it builds the excitement.

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